Getting the best out of your artificial green wall - Hedge Yourself

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Getting the best out of your artificial green wall - Hedge Yourself

Get the best out of your artificial vertical gardens with this care guide.

Artificial green walls are strong and low maintenance but they still need a little love, follow this guide to help with the little care that is needed to keep your green walls looking lush for years to come. Let’s get straight to the dot points of these low maintenance panels.

  • Please do not use a pressure washer to wash your green walls and gardens disks - Artificial Vertical gardens only need a simple hose to get the dust off, if they are installed in an outdoor area without cover, the rain will do most of the work!
  • Do not to use cleaning products or chemicals on the green walls as this can bleach or melt the product - these products contain contaminants that are damaging to the green wall material and will void your warranty and damage the look and feel of your artificial green wall
  • Do not install your vertical gardens in an area that is subject to intense weather - high strong winds can rip foliage out of your garden wall, wear and tear is not covered by the warranty
  • Do not install vertical gardens in a high pollutant area - Chemicals and exhaust fumes can change the lifespan of your product 
  • Do not install vertical gardens in areas that are subject to magnified heat sources including UV (reflection of windows, water reflections etc that can impact and magnify the sun or a heat source) this will void the warranty of the product
  • Due to manufacturing the vertical gardens at different times and different batches are produced, if your order more of your product at different times they will have a slightly different colour variation due to the batch numbers
  • Once installed and your vertical gardens settles into its place you will notice a slight colour variation (5%-10%) from when you first install them due to a build up of dust, pollutants and dirt etc which coats the vertical gardens in the first few years, the difference is not usually noticed


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