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Floral Wall Screening - Flower Wall

Flower walls are beautiful panels of floral bliss! 

They are made up of a mix of coloured roses, peonies and hydrangea.

 We have a plain white flower wall but we also have coloured flower walls

Solid colours and mixed colours are available and you can also rearrange the flowers and buy more than one colour to do an inner effect. 

These flower walls are silk and hand made to order.

What you are purchasing:

This cost is for Ten peices of (40cm X 60cm) panels. 

Which can be put together to achieve

2m x 1.2m in total 



This product can be clipped together using the same clipping system as our other plant panels, you simply push the nodule through the holes of each side and they are secure, to install you can use nails, screws or even command hooks to hold your flower panels to a wall.

Flowers can be removed and rearranged for your convenience.

These flower wall panels are strictly indoor and do not have UV protection.

This item is specially made and shipped from overseas, please wait between 10 - 30 days for arrival

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