Artificial Hedges - Portable UV stabelised

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 Artificial Pop-Up Hedges


These hedges are perfect for a garden or to break up an area in a courtyard, they have been used as front fences when installed into the ground using stakes, a simple solution to cafe privacy and restaurant floor planning, easy to assemble and move around.

Each hedge has a 5 year UV rating and can withstand the Australian sun.


Hedge Details:

SIZE: 750mm Length x 750mm Height x 250mm Wide

•5 year UV protection.

• DIY applicable for easy installation

•3kg weight 

•vibrant UV colourfast product to give you a lasting effect

Hedge Installation:

•Easy to install,  comes as a flat pack with a bag of zip ties and angled plastic supports. 

  1. Open the flat pack 
  2. Take your hedge out and pop open 
  3. Apply the angled plastic supports to the corners of the top part of the hedge
  4. Push the top down onto the larger section applying each plastic supportnto each corner with a little bit of force.
  5. Your hedge is ready, for stability in an outdoor setting before putting the top of the hedge into place, you can use metal stakes that hammer into the ground and attach your hedge to the stakes with zip ties to keep it from moving then apply the top of the hedge. 

If your not confident to hedge yourself,  we can do it for you! Just email us:

Or you can speak to us through the green instant message tab on the bottom left of the page. 

High quality made:

 •Our outdoor pop-up hedges are made of a blend of high quality polyurethane and the UV protectent is infused into the mixture before being set plus an additional UV covering afterwards to give the product a maximum life in the Australian sun, a galvanised Stainless Steel frame will keep from rusting and withstand Mother Natures rough weather.