Meadow View (NEW) - Artificial Vertical Garden

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Australia's Most Advanced Artificial Vertical Garden Modular Systems


Key Features of Artificial Hedges | Hedge Yourself

Artificial Amazon Vertical Garden 

1 meter X 1 meter - UV Stable

Want a beautiful outdoor space but don’t have the time? The Amazing Meadow View Vertical Garden will definitely be the right choice. The garden panels fuse the perfect blend of grasses, ivy leaves, ferns and extended greenery to give a 3 dimensional look.

5 years of UV stability, UV spray can be used after this time for upkeep.

No bull here except the fact that this garden screening is totally 100% fake but you would never guess.

We have seen this garden panel set up in restaurants and office spaces and it really does bring the place to life, its a piece of creative artwork in itself and speaks volumes.

I think the best part of this whole vertical garden is the fact that there is absolutely NO MAINTENANCE involved.

Each panel weights approximately 4kg.

Please note: 

some long stems and branches are fragile in strong wind areas, easily cable tie them down for extra strength.



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