Are You For Real - Hand Assembled Commercial Vertical Garden

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Commercial Vertical Garden

Australia's Most Advanced Artificial Vertical Garden Galvinised Metal Backed system

800mm x 800mm Hand Made Hedge Plant Screening

Key Benefits: 

  1. The perfect DIY Product with super easy installation
  2. Hand Crafted Application to give perfect realism. 
  3. A Galvinised Metal Backing that secures quality with design.
  4. Cracking and UV resistant for durable and lasting effect.
  5. Ink injected pigments for a lasting effect of colour
  6. Multi plant design for a Lifelike demeanor.
  7. The Are You For Real Vertical Garden captures classic bespoke style with a multi-coloured all green vertical plant design.
  8. Commercial vertical garden quality perfect for architectural design.



You know what's sucky about real vertical gardens? They need constant care, maintenance and a drink, just like a toddler, i would know as i am a mum! What fun is that kind of care especially when you don't have time? We'll answer that: NO FUN AT ALL. You know what is fun? Using the Hand Crafted 'Are You For Real' Fake Vertical Garden to cast a beautiful green glow over your backyard without any maintenance at all. No Backyard? an indoor space will do just as well! Framed is nice too. Treat Yourself, the name of this one says it all.

Sometimes the scene of a beautifully manicured backyard is all we need to rouse our spirits. Available in an array of ferns, ivy, grasses and super green foliage will leave your space feeling like a secluded hotel near a beachfront, ready to sit and relax in your kingdom. It really is the most wonderful holiday without the holiday.


In this beautiful detailed botanical panel you will find hand picked foliage that is randomly scattered for a very realistic effect. This artificial plant wall has been put together to meet the highest level of expectation towards top architects, landscapers and commercial building designers. 


The Are You For Real Commercial Vertical Garden is part of our premium range of green walls which are the most top quality in Australia. 

These vertical garden plant panels will leave anyone asking 'is this really fake? Are you for Real?!' with its full 3 dimensional plant composition where you will find that some of the plants have different depth of size which really leaves the impression of it growing off the wall just like a real vertical garden. 

 There is a person who is the hero of every backyard design or family area and that is the Garden Master. We always looked up to our MUm or Dad as they tended the garden and looked forward to the day when we could be in charge of clipping back the roses and perfectly manicuring the hedge that spread towards neighbours fence. Now that we're adults, it's finally our turn and technology has smiled upon us, giving us a tool that is destined to impress. NO PRUNING included, it's a win, win.






Dimensions: 800mm X 800mm

Backing: Sturdy Galvanised Stainless Steel mesh commercial vertical garden

Weight: 4.5kg

UV: 5 Year Rating

Purpose: Artificial garden wall for residential, commercial use

Tips: if you want to give your space a very real artificial vertical garden look then a border of merbau wood or stained pine looks fabulous wrapped around this design, will really make the colours pop-out before your eyes and give you that very realistic look that you have grown it yourself. 




These vertical green walls are made for installation onto most surfaces, preparation has to be done to hold the weight of the product.

Nails, staple gun or screws can be used to hold this product against your surface.

If you are not feeling up to hedging yourself we can do it for you! 

Just send us an email of your requirements and we can have a special quote made up to tailor for your needs, we have specialised landscapers and carpenters to build borders and to installations. 


You can also contact us through the green instant messenger tab on the bottom left of the screen.