When In Doubt Just add Flowers | Green Wall Disk - 60cm

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When In Doubt Just add Flowers

Supreme Artificial Vertical Garden Disk | Set in a stunning metal frame

60cm x 60cm Framed Vertical Plant Feature

Amazing quality garden wall Discs, UV rated,

fake vertical garden plants



 Match me with What Goes Around garden disk

Key Benefits:


  1. The perfect DIY Product with super easy installation
  2. Exceptional Quality and materials.
  3. Stays lush and green all year-round.
  4. UV Stable with Aussie sun exposure engineering to last. 
  5. Lifelike demeanor.
  6. Instant effects.
  7. Reusable in different areas and durable in weather.
  8. Recyclable 
  9. Residential and commercial usage
  10. Beautiful features for any landscape design
A beautiful array of Pink Trilliam, Ferns, some Bromeliads with small pops of subtle flowers and grasses, this disk also has plenty more plant types to give your garden the ultimate face lift, this hand crafted vertical garden disk  gives the illusion of a real vertical feature wall, with 11 different plant types scattered throughout.


By installing this product you can get a very natural application using this disks, a 3 dimensional depth and different lengths of plants to really make the greenery pop out of the surface, a very professional and natural clean finish for any product with a twist of colour to really build a fresh atmosphere for your garden landscape.


This product is very high-end and part of our premium vertical garden range, dense and very good quality you will be very happy with this product and the feeling it gives you when installed. 

Each panel has a 8 year UV rating and can withstand the Australian sun.

For a more thorough explanation on this product please download our
Garden Panel Details:


  • This disk is 80m x 80m 
  • 5 year guarantee
Installation of Artificial Vertical Garden Panels:

•Easy to install, use a staple gun, nails and a hammer or zip ties to apply depending on the surface, can be applied to fences, bricks, plaster, wood, simply any surface that can be prepared to apply! it's just that simple!

If your not confident to hedge yourself, we can do it for you! Just email us:


Or you can speak to us through the green instant message tab on the bottom left of the page. 

High quality Garden Screening:

 •Our outdoor panels are made of a blend of high quality polyurethane and the UV protectent is infused into the mixture before being set plus an additional UV covering afterwards to give the product a maximum life in the Australian sun.


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