Bush White - Artificial Garden Hedge

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Bush White - Artificial Hedge Panel


Key Features of Artificial Hedges | Hedge Yourself

Size 1m x 1m

Hedge Yourself's Bush White Artificial Hedge has small leaves on long stems with white tips giving an illusion of an older hedge, this garden screen give you an illusion of a hedge, with a 3 dimensional depth that makes the panel pop out of the surface, a professional clean finish for any product with a twist of white to really build a fresh ambience that looks like it has grown there naturally. 

Each panel has a 5 year UV rating and can withstand the Australian sun.



•This panel is 1m x 1m (made up of 16 x 25cm sqaures that have an interlock system so you can add or subtract as many as you like)


•5 year UV protection.

• DIY applicable for easy installation

•3kg weight 

•vibrant colour to give you a lasting effect




•Easy to install, adjust size using the simple clip system in the plastic grid on the back, use a staple gun,  nails and a hammer or zip ties to apply depending on the surface, can be applied to fences, bricks, plaster, wood, simply any surface that can be prepared to apply! it's just that simple!


If your not confident to hedge yourself, we can do it for you! Just email us:




Or you can speak to us through the green instant message tab on the bottom left of the page. 


High quality made:


 •Our outdoor panels are made of a blend of high quality polyurethane and the UV protectent is infused into the mixture before being set plus an additional UV covering afterwards to give the product a maximum life in the Australian sun.


You can also check out our 'Bush Yellow and Bush Lavender artificial garden hedge, they are a colourful interpretation of this hedge panel