As much as I love artificial hedges I also love to grow my own food

As much as I love artificial hedges I also love to grow my own food

I have always had a real knack for gardening, as it so happens it runs deeply in my veins, both of my grandparents are growers and tenders to there forever expanding oasis. I love it. Though I didn't discover my potential until a short while ago...

Their was a huge sale on at Masters as they were closing down and I was walking through there with my partner James, (I could spend forever in Masters and Bunnings if I had the chance) I walked past the gardening section and in the corner of my eye had spotted a small little greenhouse that you build yourself, I always wanted to grow a garden I was just too scared. something clicked in me that day so we went ahead and picked up that flat pack went to the plant section and picked some plants, right infront of me there it was, a tomato plant, the easiest thing to grow, absolutely impossible to kill, this was me all over "I can't possibly stuff this up" I said to James with the biggest, cheesiest smirk on my face, I knew this was the right plant for me until a week went by and I forgot it existed. 

I was walking down my car port one day and spotted the poor thing withered and in its final day. I am quite a compassionate person and hate to see anything suffer, I felt terrible I thought to my self "she's gone and it's all my fault" (I decided it was a she, I think I relate that to mother nature somehow being a woman, also my nurturing nature of being a mother also I am not sure but that is what she is) I don't even like killing an ant it is not in my nature. 

I decided to plant her anyway, maybe just maybe she had a chance, I gave her a huge drink of water and let her be. Of course with my flamboyant and forgetful nature I forgot about her again, (I have a 8 month old, everything else is always forgotten with such flare *cheesy smile once again*).

I was putting my daughter in the car one day not sure how long it had been but it could of been a couple of weeks, I looked over to the right of me and i thought that is such a weird looking weed, oh my it is not a weed it's my superhero tomato plant as green as ever and absolutely thriving! I was ecstatic I watered her, I felt good, well really I felt great, I had saved her, I felt like a proud, happy parent not only to my daughter but also to my long lost tomato plant.

From that day forward I have not stopped expanding my edible garden, I have so many different things from pumpkin to strawberries and even Aloe Vera, I hope my daughter takes after me in this respect just like I have, my green thumb handed down from my beautiful grandparents.

I am so lucky.


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