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Artificial Vertical Gardens - 5 reasons why people choose them

Artificial Vertical Gardens - 5 reasons why people choose them

Since coming into this business more than 5 years ago I always wondered why some people like artificial gardens more than the real thing, in this blog I'll be writing some of the best reasons I have personally come across as to why people like artificial better than the real deal. 

#1 They find it hard to grow anything at all. 

This is a really good example and probably one of the top reasons as to why people choose to go artificial over the real thing,  I'm not a green thumb personally so I understand the frustration when it comes to trying to keep something alive, I personally love artificial vertical garden panels as you just buy them  and put them up on a wall and they look fantastic all year round! 

#2 I don't have enough time to look after plants.

Some people have very busy lives and that's completely understandable especially when it comes to the upkeep of your house,  you have not only the inside to keep clean and neat but also the outside aswell,  this is why people opt for the artificial plants and wall panels as a means to have a nice looking garden without the hassle of maintaining it. 

#3 I don't have enough sun in a specific area. 

This point is very true, some houses that are facing the sun in an awkward position don't get as much sun into there backyard or front yard, near fences, under tree's, under the pergola etc,  making it especially hard to grow anything in certain areas, this so where artificial vertical gardens come in and can save you the time and money from trying to grow something that is not going to work. 

#4 I don't like cleaning leaves and dirt.

Some people just don't like to clean up leaves, this is more common than you think,  vertical garden panels to not drop leaves, this is a bonus.

#5 I don't want to wait for something to grow. 

When the holidays and Christmas comes around and you are hosting, of course you would love to have a beautiful garden feature or a hedge leading to your door but sometimes it's not possible in such a short time,  this is another reason people opt for artificial over the real thing. 

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions just email us at

Briana Rose.

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