Artificial Plant Screening - An Un-Real Alternative

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Artificial Plant Screening - An Un-Real Alternative

When people want privacy they often hide inside the house, but why not enjoy the outdoors and have some privacy from the neighbours? this is where outdoor privacy vertical garden screening or artificial hedges is considered.

Artificial privacy screening can be applied to either a patio, fence, extension or balcony.

But what sort of privacy screen to use? fences, bricks, metal extentions or aluminum fixtures? Some of these may look good, some of these not so good, after all it is a green  garden and you want something that will blend in with the surrounding area. Some of these options are maybe more than you want to pay.  Probably the best kind of garden screens that relates to your garden are plant screening, easy to plant and look great and suit the yard.

But! they take time to grow to an effective height, you have to tender to them often, keep them trimmed, watered and overall have them as your own child. Think of all that water, fertilizer, trimming, time and money to keep it looking good. 

Well you have come to the right place to give you the perfect alternative to your troubles.

introducing Hedge Yourself easy DIY artificial garden screening and artificial vertical gardens, they look fantastic, are green all year round, no watering, no fertilizing, no worries!

look at how great your garden can look without having to tend to it, giving you more time to spend with your family, artificial garden screening is perfect. 

Do you have a part of the garden where nothing grows? or is there an ugly fence staring at you through your kitchen window? these artificial hedges and garden screens are perfect for those areas, giving the perfect green, lush look you always wanted.

Hedge Yourself artificial hedges and garden screening is sold as a panel of 1m x 1m and can be unclipped or clipped onto the next screen to create a larger or smaller hedge screening.

look at this before and after photo.

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