Artificial Ivy VS real Ivy... Why fake is better

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Artificial Ivy VS real Ivy... Why fake is better

Ivy has always been an envious plant to make a house look like it has been there for more than 100 years,  the only trouble is once it has taken over to much that's where the real trouble begins... 

Constantly trimming and chopping Ivy can be a task that can take up much of a good day and has to be done at least 4 times a year if you want it contained, it can strangle trees and run across the floor,  it is a very hardy plant.

I have a huge Ivy problem at the house I am renting here in Melbourne's West and it is quite a tedious job to keep it at bay,  what I discovered about artificial Ivy is that you can place it anywhere and it looks fantastic and you don't even have to watch it,  one side of my house has real Ivy and the other has fake Ivy, it's quite an odd thing but if I owned this house I would get rid of the natural Ivy and replace it with fake Ivy panels which will give it the same look without the hassle of maintenance.




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